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Last nights training was brilliant! Loved it and love Michelle and Marc even moor lol

The drive began in not the most wonderful weather, rain hammered down on the windscreen and I was designated by mum - the navigator.

So we followed the instructions and we were having difficulty getting to the leisure centre due to the rush hour traffic and the one way system in the city of Gloucester. We pulled over in a tiny car park where mum asked for directions from a loud but chatty gloucester man, Josh and I giggled at the loud voice echoing across the car park in a thick gloucester accent and we thought how funny it would be to put someone from the black country with someone from gloucester and see if they could undertstand a word they said to each other.
We who live 20 miles south of Birmingham have - as voted by the uk poll- the worst accent in the whole of the stretch of Great Britain.

Enough had been said so we eventually found the leisure centre with 30 minutes to spare, by a  small miracle we managed to find a place to park, and mum commented that why do they have such a small car park if its such an up to date centre. 

Ineed it was 3 floors of : gyms, pools, training halls. 
So we sat down and waited....

10 minutes before the class was due to start, my nerves were making me as anxious as Prince Charles is before making a  public speech - minus the cuff fiddling.  I shook off the thoughts of perhaps it wasn't on, as I trusted Marc whole-heartedly and he would of told me this morning if it had been cancelled. Not a second later a young man came up and said that ninjutsu was not on as he has checked the database. This made my heart sank as the long journey we had taken to get here and how I had looked forward to seeing them again and had waited patiently for 5 long weeks.
As a last ditched attempt to prove my doubts; i punched the numbers into the keypad of my mum's mobile.

Michelle answered.
I desperately asked where they were. She replied outside in the car park.
My spirits shot back up as fate had smiled on me once more.
After a quick dash and a change into my long black training suit 
I saw Marc-sensei.
 Unchanged at all since the last time I had seen him, as friendly and understanding as he always was.
Well one thing was different, he had slightly shorter hair due to Michelle making a mess of it and having a hairdresser save the rest of his dignity. But then again Marc did lose Michelle's expensive camera so I suppose they are both even in that respect. 
It was one of those moments where you wait for something and you're in a state of shock that you are very slow in your reactions.
He ambles over and gives a warm cuddle as he promised he would and says he was delighted to see me and my mum and Josh.
I was a little nervous at the start but that soon diasappeared and I had a wonderful time of training and laughter- with sensei always helping me with any techniques I didn't understand.

I also gave Michelle a hug ,as I had promised to give them both giant hugs when I saw them next as I had missed  her and Marc dearly.
It's my nature I am a very huggy person as it were ^_^  They are both lovely company as I put it.
Expertise was given by Bernie; a 72 year old grandmaster in his own unique style - very similar to ours- with his 60 years of martial arts wisdom we learned amazing new techniques.
I was also surprised to see Kev-sensei, i found out later that he departs to Chicago on saturday but it was lovely to see him and he added jokingly 'you can teach this on saturday'.

Time really does fly by when you are having fun. In a blink of an eye it was time to leave. I was a little saddened as I would not see them for another month until warrior wales on the 4th of October!
So I gave sensei his present; which was a mug that said 'legend' in his grand old age of 51 he thought it said leg-end lol.
Also he gave words of engouragement  for sixth form- which starts tomorrow 0_0
There are so many things I wanted to say but I don't have the verbal powe to say thank you for everything and all your help etc.
So I couldn't help but just keep hugging him ^_^
I am incredibly nervous about sixth form but I should be fine.

So yeh we got slightly lost on the way back but managed to get Josh home, as i am writing this he is back in school ^_^
I miss Marc & Michelle already...

ah I can't wait for warrior wales when they come back with daring deeds and tales from Japan!

Post again soon and in the words of Sensei 'a new chapter is about to unfold'
We shall keep the moob flag flying lol

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This Wednesday I start sixth form.

A new start and hopefully I will gain new friends, anything is better than the last school -_-...

Even after I have suceeded with becoming a more positive person I hope I still can continue the friendship I have with my sensei, its nice to have a relationship outside the formalities of the dojo.  I feel like with ninjutsu I have made friends for life and I hope to have a close relationship with my sensei and everyone for the rest of my life. 

Speaking of ninjutsu I ache! It was fun doing 2 hours on friday, 3 hours on saturday, and then another 2 hours tomorrow- I get my cuddle tomorrow lol I am giving them a big hug when I see the two of them again.   

Hopefully by the start of next year I need to be doing at least 4 lessons a week- I am currently doing 3. 

 Anyway I have to do an essay on the changing of the english language.

Post soonx



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I though it was good, Kengo was hot and a flawless performance as ever and funny and upbeat.

If you have the money buy it! 

Was funny heeeh Kengo 

Get those Kengo Letters in!!!!!



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Overall I'm pleased with my results

English Language (took it last year) A

English Literature A
Maths C
Science B
Philosophy& Ethics A
French B
History C - need to look at that becasue I was predicted an A/A*
Business C
Media B

Very happy apart from History


Please send Kengo letters!!!


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Here some screen caps of Kengo, i thought he played his part really well. Can't wait for next episode.

Also impatiently waiting for amazon japan to release the hotel dvd play thing, i can't remember the name! Anyway its got Kengo in it.

Also have finished Birthday letter to Kengo its weird has everyone forgotten about it....
I mean i don't mind doing some translating as best i can.

I want to do more ninjutsu training!!



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Well it was hot
 but i didnt have my computer and i missed Greenwood someone tell me when is it on and how to watch it 
I wanna see Kengo!! lol 

Err so 2 months off until i start sixth form need a job,....

Also can not wait for Budo Q 2 its gonna rock!


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9/13 exams completed

Last media lesson ever tomorrow! 
I'm gonna miss fridays. The one day where we didn't have to wear school uniform  and we got tea during the double lesson! 

Aah fun times i'm gonna film all the fun lol. 

In other news i've bought 3 photos sets from Kengo's live wooh can't wait to get them. 
Budo Birthday Weekend is coming closer yays err God my wheels fell off today i am so tired. 

Still only 4 more exams to go then i have left Studley High School wooh

I mean on the whole i can't really say i enjoyed it at all really there has been the odd spark or to but haven't formed any friends at all really,....
Well ones that actually value me enough... The school has been terrible at supporting me since i have a hearing loss and they just don't know how to handle it or my other problem of feeling incredibly isolated and lonely for the past 5 years! I used to get bullied especially during the first 2 years of high school. God its been hell loneliness is truly the worst form of suffering. 

Here's a little poem (well in some form):

I would hear everyday all the groups of friends,
chat and talk about what they would do together this weekend.
I would stand alone outside waiting to be let in,
Ocasionally someone would say my name.
When i had the chance i would say something,
but they would ignore it and carry on as if i was some pest.
I  would walk in circles passing from group to group,
after awhile i would give up and hide in the toilets.

I dreaded the weekends,
the long hours of boredom.
As i imagnied everyone else out and having fun,
Free with their friends,
Feeling like it would never end 
While i sat alone.
Everytime i would ask 'Would you like to hang out?'
They're reply would be 'No sorry i'm hanging out with David and Joe'.
After some time i gave up,
I buried myself in work.
Sometimes it might cross someone's mind,
'Who's that over there?'.
They're friend may reply,
Oh don't worry it's ony 'deaf little Beth'.
They say ignorance is bliss
It is also hidden cruelty.

Ok its a right load fo crap i know sorry.
Still one thing that makes me smile is the one friend that has stuck by me through all of this through good and bad and even though he goes to a different school than me he's always been there. So thank you Josh you're the best friend ive ever had! Thanks for being there!

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Week off school ive has 5 exams in the past week and 7 more to go.

Things to look forward to BUDO WARRIORS BIRTHDAY BASH WOOH!!

Gonna be cool practicioners of ninjutsu from all over the UK meeting in one place for a camping weekend. ^_^

So need to email back aaj support about Kengo stuff oh that reminds me need to tell everyone at kengoism.

Right, err need to do revision plus im really peed off with sony vegas 7 wont except avi files so i can't make anymore of my amvs which is one of my main hobbies lol

Plus its raining and its gonna keep raing till friday yay -_-....

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After a hard 2 days of exams i get a nice break and sat down to relax and watch Kengo dvd vex.

Its really weird to think it was made back in 2004 and in the film he says he was 22. Wow lol 

It was great had some cool mini-music vids of him some nice footage of him talking about stuff sorry my japanese isn't fluent.

The only thing i was  a bit dissapointed was on the back it has a pic of him topless lol No sorry you don't see him without a shirt lol.

I'm having a 'very' rare fangirl moment lol 

Do you want me to upload it like shinigamidesu has done with kengo's other dvd?


  God i love that picture heee ^_^
All rights reserved to Ohkuchi Kengo-sama.

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AAh im so nervous its my first exam tomorrow i've been revising but i think i'm gonna forget everything 0_0

Soshite i've bought my first piece of Kengo merchandise of amazon jp Its the vex dvd it looked good lol.
Also, my japanese teacher Michiyo sensei asked if i can teach some Japanese middle-schoolers english lessons for 3 days during half-term when they visit Stratford.
its gonna be so cool!

Here's my lucky necklace hope it brings me luck in my exam!!!


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